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There's a mummy in Asgard!

There's a mummy in Asgard!

It's scary! It's scary! It's scary!

Are monsters allowed in here?
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I was told that this tome will deliver my messages to others in this world, and in turn, bring messages to me. This is but a small wonder compared to the manor I now reside in. Such a strange and miraculous place.

I suppose I shall settle here and wait for the words to appear. Those who seek cooperation will find me.
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Meet me tomorrow on the bridge at noon. We're heading out.

If you won't do it, I will find volunteers.

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How goes it, Beast.~ There's an open invitation walkin' around near your team's lair that seems to want to fuck up everyone she comes across. Swords, dour garb, sunshiney disposition. Can't miss her.

Figured you'd be interested. Careful, though, she did several numbers on me and I don't even think I saw all she had to bring to the table. If you wanna sharpen your claws first, you know I'm always open.~
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What this now?  Is death no counting ever, or only during big fighting?  We don't need useless girls back.  

What happen if Shampoo kill them herself?
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Good day, friends and potential sources of income. Sorry to cut into your prep time.

I'd like to remind everyone that if you're among those being called up to the plate and you're not really the hawkish warrior type or just don't like all the violence, there's a way to help your team that doesn't involve getting yourself in needless danger.

For a small fee (50 droplets, half-off for first timers!~) I'd be glad to be your knight in skinny jeans. I'm affordable and I come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If I did not beat ass to your absolute satisfaction, I encourage you to come and talk it out with me.

I hope you can find time in your busy schedules to seek me out. I'm at the Gray Manor, big dark house far to the south. Look for the sign out front that says Portable Economic Services (or PECs for short~).

First come first serve!

I look forward to working with all of you.~
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As everyone is no doubt aware, our first trial begins in a few days. If you are among those participating I advise caution above all else; our information about our foes is scant at best. Those who are not, I'd ask you all to provide whatever support or assistance you can to those who are. As for myself, I plan to keep my door ajar for the coming days in case those of you who may need it require advice or counsel. I...am not perfectly suited to personal talk, but I will do what I can.

Most important, do not despair. Though I'm not one to believe in frivolities, I think it is apparent that we were all chosen for a reason.

We are not bystanders. We can achieve victory, no matter what stands in our way.

Good luck.
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Kanji, Yo.

I'm a bit stuck for details on that redheaded jackass with the scars. Can you feel our friends in so they don't end up getting skewered by some sort of weird-ass shadow power I didn't know he had?
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Anyone with pertinent information about our foes, our situation, or this world should endeavor to explain it as clearly and in as much detail as possible within this thread.

Limit your posts to pertinent information and separate them in terms of three subjects I discussed above. If you deem another topic to be significant enough to warrant posting here, please explain why in a concise manner.

All previous information we've learned should also be recorded here when possible, so those of us who are new may peruse it without having to rife through all of the comm posts.

Any with personal questions may direct them to me. I am often wandering about Asgard's grounds, especially the library.

I appreciate your continued cooperation. -KM
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Gemstones that can talk? What's next, ponies?  Are you running out of new recruits that easily, you supposedly ragtag band of 'heroes'?

I hope you're all enjoying the nearly dead man I gave you a couple days ago, by the way.  I'm happy to repeat the lesson.  Unless, oh, are some of you hiding that business from everyone else?  Were you trying to support your team by keeping what was done to the Honorable and Incredibly Thickheaded Ryoga Hibiki a secret?

And if they lie to you and say everything's fine: where was Mr. Loudmouth the past few days, so decidedly absent from...well...everything?  Worth thinking about, hm?

Where's the trust these days, you know?  Can't even be bothered to share things with your companions.  Pity.
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Hello, kiddies! Harley Quinn is here to keep you all in line!

But not too in line, okay? We may be the, uh, "good guys", but let's keep things interesting!
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Dear Metatron,

Please invite more girls.

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You're so lucky Mitsy isn't here.


Don't make me come over there and be a superior officer.
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Hello. My name is Pearl. I'm... New.

I've never done anything like this before. Made a decision with so little thought, I mean. But I knew I had to come and be part of this - even though I wish I had more information on, well, everything.

I've done war before, though. I have plenty of experience there.

Now, who's out there?
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I have very little interest in what words you willingly waste amongst yourselves. It is clear to my ears already that not a single one of you is a passionate musician or dancer. Without a soul for music, I have no interest in you lot.

Still, I advise every single one of you against searching too deeply in places clearly meant for the privacy of one. Should you gain an inkling of my humble abode and keep the knowledge to yourself, as well as cease from exploring further - so be it.

Invade my privacy and you will find yourself in a much more deadly predicament - for I am a born inventor of torture, not simply some beast feeding its belly when it preys!

You Have Been Warned,
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 There's a room off the gym with a sign reading "Saiyans Only."

This room is a Gravity Chamber. The machine in the center of the room can manipulate the gravity in a local area, up to a maximum of 500 times earth's normal gravity, or 4,900 meters per second squared. It's incredibly dangerous, and can very easily injure you.

As I can personally attest.

On another note, I'm far, far weaker here than I was at home. Is this true of others as well?
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It seems like the thing to do is announce yourself when you show up, so I guess I'm going to say hi too.

My name's Araragi. Immortal college student. Nice to meet you all.
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I am aware that not everyone here is combat ready.

Those that are not, and those that are not extremely capable on the level of myself or the Saber-class servant should avoid engagements with the man who dresses like a priest.

Those with information on our opponents like this, share. For now, I'm setting up security cameras where I can to gather further intel.
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Been here awhile but never bothered to interact on this thing until now.

Kiritsugu Emiya, present.


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